The race launches on White Balloon Day Friday the 8th  September 2017 at 18:00 EST from Parliament House, Parliament Drive, Canberra. The race will finish at 10:00 EST on 15th September 2017..

It can take upto 60 minutes for balloons to appear on the tracking map so please be patient.

Be sure to register your balloons before 17:00 8th September 2017 to take part in the race. The balloon that travels the furthest from the point of release in any direction will be the eligible winner.

Customize your Balloon

Have great fun writing a message or uploading an image onto your race balloon(s) And remember you can carry out as many changes as you want before the race launch.

Personalise Your Ballooon Flight Parameters

You can alter the flight parameters to increase your chances of reaching the greatest distance. Size, shape and the thickness of the rubber affect flight characteristics .

For example, a larger, more aerodynamic balloon may fly faster – but it is also at a greater risk of exploding! Balloons made of latex rubber are notoriously vulnerable. So if you chose thin rubber to make your balloon fly higher and therefore faster, your balloon could just explode if the wind speeds become excessive! But if your balloon is flying low towards rocky ground, it could strike an electricity pylon or be burst by a church spire. Choose your balloon carefully.

Have fun and track your balloon

Throughout the race you can track your balloon’s progress online 24/7 on Google Maps and Satellites by signing into your account. Where will your balloon fly to?

Environmentally Friendly

Our virtual balloon race is 100% eco-friendly. We don't harm any animals or birds because our balloons are NOT real!